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Who, The
"The Singles"
1. Substitute [Mono Version]
2. I'm a Boy [Mono Version]
3. Happy Jack [Mono Version]
4. Pictures of Lily [Mono Version]
5. I Can See for Miles [Mono Version]
6. Magic Bus [Mono Version]
7. Pinball Wizard [Stereo]
8. My Generation [Mono Version]
9. Summertime Blues [Stereo]
10. Won't Get Fooled Again [Stereo]
11. Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything) [Stereo]
12. Join Together [Stereo]
13. 5:15 [Stereo]
14. Squeeze Box [Stereo]
15. Who Are You [Stereo]
16. You Better You Bet [Stereo]