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Rolling Stones, The
"RSVP (new version)"
1. Sympathy For The Devil (first workout)
2. No Expectations (early take)
3. Dear Doctor (Take 1)
4. Parachute Woman
5. Jigsaw Puzzle (Take 9)
6. Jigsaw Puzzle (alternate take)
7. Studio Jam
8. Instrumental
9. Street Fighting Man (mono mix)
10. Prodigal Son (different mix)
11. Stray Cat Blues (false start)
12. Stray Cat Blues (different mix)
13. Factory Girl (different mix)
14. Salt Of The Earth (different mix)
15. Sympathy For The Devil (studio outtake)
16. Sympathy For The Devil (studio outtake)
17. Studio Jiving
18. Child Of The Moon
19. Memo From Turner