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Patton, Mike
"Adult Themes For Voice"
1. Wuxiapian
2. I Killed Him Like A Dog
3. Smog
4. The Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph
5. Robot Sex (Neon)
6. Screams Of The Asteroid
7. Robot Sex (B/W)
8. Porno Holocaust
9. Inconsolable Widows In Search Of Distraction
10. Hurry Up And Kill Me
11. Man Alone In Steambath
12. Guinea Pig 1
13. Guinea Pig 2
14. Guinea Pig 3
15. Guinea Pig 4
16. A Woman With The skin Of The Moon
17. A Lizard With The Skin Of A Woman
18. Catheter
19. Fix It So The Bruises Don't Show
20. Robot Sex (Watercolors)
21. A Ceremony Of Senses, An Alibi In The Red Light District
22. Butterfly In A Glass Maze
23. A Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl
24. The One Armed Vs. 9 Killers
25. Pillow Biter
26. Raped On A Bed Of Sand
27. Violence
28. Red Mouth, Black Orgasm
29. Wuxiapian Fantastique
30. A Smile, A Slap In The Face, A Fart, A Kiss On The Mouth
31. Private Lessons On Planet Eros
32. Pheumonia With Complications
33. Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust)