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Carlin, George
"It's Bad For You"
1. Opening
2. Old Fuck
3. Goin' Through My Address Book
4. Things We Say When People Die
5. He's Smiling Down
6. Parents in Hell
7. People Refuse to Be Realistic
8. Dead Parents Helping
9. Couple of Other Questions
10. Today's Professional Parents
11. Self-Esteem Movement
12. Every Child Is Special
13. Children Are Our Future
14. Raisin' a Child Is Not Difficult
15. I Like People
16. Stupid Bullshit
17. Stupid Bullshit on the Phone
18. What a Phone Call Should Be
19. In a Coma
20. Their Kids!
21. They Want to Show You the Pictures
22. Just Enough Bullshit
23. No One Questions Things
24. Proud to Be an American
25. God Bless America
26. Takin' Off Yer Hat
27. Swearing on the Bible
28. You Have No Rights