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Pursuit Of Happiness, The
"Pipeline, Hamilton, June 19, 1991 acoustic show"
The Pursuit of Happiness--Pipeline, Hamilton, June 19, 1991 acoustic show

I was only at the Pipeline twice, but both times someone played Material Girl. Weird.
Anyway, local legends The Pursuit of Happiness doing an acoustic show, featuring their own classics and covers of the Beatles, Peter and Gordon, The Irish Rovers, and yes, Madonna. Tape came out OK, not the best listening experience, and the audience just won't shut up. I went to high school with one of the backup singers, but she wouldn't know me, I'm sure.

Lineage: Master from Sony Walkman>M audio sound card>wav>flac. Track editing with CDWave
1. Downward Road
2. Revolution
3. Food
4. Penetrate the Silence
5. Down On Him
6. I Go To Pieces
7. Never Want You More Than This
8. The One That Got Away
9. New Language
10. Material Girl
11. Cold Outside
12. Walking In the Woods
13. She's So Young
14. When The Sky Comes Falling Down
15. Shave Your Legs
16. Two Girls in One
17. Wasn't That a Party
18. I'm An Adult Now
19. Beautiful White
20. A Real Man
21. I'm Ashamed of Myself