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New York Dolls / Dollettes, The
"Max's Kansas City, NYC - May 21, 1976"
The Dollettes (post-New York Dolls Dave & Syl band)
Venue: Max's Kansas City, NYC
Date: May 21, 1976

Lineage: ? > .wav files (from DVD-R) > xACT conversion ( level 8 )

David Johansen
Sylvain Sylvain
Peter Jordan
Tony Machine
Bobby Blaine
Johnny Thunders (guests on tracks 13, 14, and 15)

Thank you Irish Hurricane for the files!!

I know, this isn't technically the New York Dolls, but hell, who does their torrent searches for "The Dollettes?!" This IS actually the Dollettes, but were often promoted under "The Dolls" or "New York Dolls" at many venues, on ads and posters.

An outstanding AUD recording of a Dave & Syl show with a dose of Thunders (whose guitar sounds great, by the way). "David Johansen" and "In Style" were two and three years away, but 1/3 of the DJ LP and 1/5 of the In Style LP are already fleshed out here. This is one of the two sets performed that day (not sure which this is). There is also a rehearsal for this date on tape out there.
1. Wreckless Crazy (Johansen/Sylvain)
2. Daddy Rolling Stone (Blackwell)
3. It's On Fire (Johansen/Sylvain)
4. Frenchette (Johansen/Sylvain)
5. Funky But Chic (Johansen/Sylvain)
6. The Kids Are Back (Sylvain)
7. She Knew She was Falling In Love (Johansen/Sylvain)
8. Gimme A Pigfoot and A Bottle of Beer (Wilson)
9. 777-7870 (Sylvain)
10. Girls (Johansen/Sylvain)
11. Teenage News (Sylvain)
12. Sylvain introduces Johnny Thunders
13. Downtown (Johansen/Thunders)
14. Personality Crisis (Johansen/Thunders)
15. Looking for A Kiss (Johansen/Thunders)