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Black Crowes, The
"Acoustic / Town Hall - New York, NY - November 3, 2008"
Black Crowes (Acoustic)
Town Hall
New York, NY
November 3, 2008

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Recorded By Keith Litzenberger From Orch R/C Row E (in front of Right PA Stack)

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1. Intro
2. Under A Mountain
3. Nonfiction
4. Never Ending Song Of Love
5. Wyoming And Me
6. Brand New Heartache
7. Wiser Time
8. She Talks To Angels
9. Oh Josephine
10. Whoa Mule
11. Darling Of The Underground Press
12. Bring On Bring On
13. He Was A Friend Of Mine
14. Here Comes Daylight
15. Thorn In My Pride
16. Stoned Faces Don'T Lie (1St Time Played)
17. Welcome To The Goodtimes
18. Downtown Money Waster
19. Wheels (1St Time Played)
20. Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution