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Snider, Todd
"Tales From Moondawg's Tavern"
Todd Snider
Tales From Moondawg's Tavern
A compilation of Todd's stories thru the years

This compilation came about after discussing these stories with my friend Scott. He introduced me to Todd initially, and Todd's songs & stories hit me in such a deeply personal way, I've been compelled to share them ever since. This project would not have been possible without the incredible resources at, and I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Tim Lybarger, for providing suggestions and copies of some really obscure Todd material, and to Ryan Furer and Scott Murphy for tons of guidance and encouragement. Big thanks are due as well to everyone at the Todd listserv, bt.etree, Dimeadozen, and elsewhere who generously share this music. Most of all, thank you Todd for sharing your art with us.

All songs and stories here were selected by me, with a criteria of balancing the funniest version of the story that I had available versus the best available sound quality. Preference was given to soundboards, but in a few cases I used an audience recording when the story was much better. There are certainly better versions of many of the songs out there, but my focus was the stories. Every song here either has a story leading into it, or a story in the middle or sometimes both. Several of these songs had multiple stories associated, in which case I tried my best to combine them in a way that was pleasant to listen to. For a few tracks, where the story was in a degraded sound quality, I substituted a better quality version of the song.

Almost all of these tracks showed noticeable sound differences between the stories and the songs. For most, the speech volume was considerably lower than the music. For some, the audience volume was painfully loud. I reviewed each track, boosting the volumes of the stories, reducing (when needed) the volume of the songs, removing loud crowd noise, and generally 'cleaning up' the stories. Some of these stories are considered mandatory Todd listening, but the circulating recordings were at times almost unlistenable - largely due to the intimate settings of the shows. I believe I have improved on most of these to make the stories better (listen to the 10/27/02 Moondawg versus the version on disc 5 as an example.)

The tools I used to do this were:
EAC for extracting audio files
Trader's Little Helper for decoding FLAC and SHN files
Soundforge 4.5, Clean! 2.0 and WaveLab 5 for 'mastering' the tracks
Soundforge for combining and blending the files
CDWav for tracking the discs
Trader's Little Helper for fixing SBE's, creating checksums and encoding files (FLAC level 8)
Photoshop CS2 for creating artwork.

And finally~ I know that there are more stories out there, and of course Todd is telling new ones all the time. And some folks will certainly say 'why didn't he include this?!?' I did the best I could with what I had: I think it turned out pretty well. For any other new material or undiscovered gems, feel free to send them to me, and maybe someday there will be another volume.

Rich Willis
May 18, 2007
1. This Land Is Our Land
2. Trouble (with Mark Chestnut Story)
3. Eighteen Minutes
4. Ballad Of The Kingsmen
5. Just Like Old Times
6. Just In Case
7. Highland Street Incident
8. Lonely Girl (with Phil Hartman story)
9. Broke ('Australian version' - with Uncle Skip Story)
10. Out All Night
11. The Devil You Know
12. Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern (with Santa Rosa Jr. College story and Trog story)
13. Tillamook County Jail
14. 45 Miles
15. Vinyl Records (with Texas Festival story)
16. Don't It Make You Wanna Dance (with KK Ryder story)
17. Aaron Allen story
18. Rose City Blues
19. A Tale Of Two Fraternity Brothers
20. To Beat The Devil
21. Sideshow Blues (with 15 Minutes story)
22. DB Cooper
23. Hey Hey >
24. What's Wrong With You
25. My Generation Part 2 (with Summer of 89 story)
26. Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues (with Chicago Accent story)
27. That's The Way The World Goes Round (with Happy Enchilada story)
28. You Think You Know Somebody (with Barbara Mandrell story)
29. Sunshine (with Drugs & Rehab story)
30. Play A Train Song (with Uncle Skip stories)
31. Horseshoe Lake (with Todd's Jobs story, Closet Party story, and Universal Studios story)
32. Better Than Ever Blues Part 2 (with KKK story)
33. Keep Off The Grass
34. Missing You
35. B-EE-RR-U-N (with Nature TV story)
36. All My Life
37. Bill Elliott Story
38. Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request
39. Incarcerated
40. Late Last Night (with Son Of Slam Story and 30th Birthday Story) >
41. Johnny B. Goode (with Chuck Berry Story)
42. The News Was Good
43. Moondawg's Tavern (with Digger Dave Story)
44. Jesus at the Tavern
45. Doublewide Blues
46. Moondawg's Funeral
47. Can't Complain
48. Easy Money
49. Illegal Smile
50. If Tomorrow Never Comes (with If Tomorrow Never Comes Story and Garden of Eden Story)
51. Garth Brooks Doesn't Smoke Dope
52. Alright Guy (with Smokin' Dope Story and Guidance Counselor Story)