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Rolling Stones, The
"Outs and Alts"
1. Brown Sugar (altered Mick Taylor version COTHSBurlesque)
2. Jiving Sister Fanny (Itchy Fingers-IU)
3. Good Time Women (Exile Outtakes)
4. I'm Going Down (Itchy Fingers-IU)
5. Shine A Light (Lost Sessions EVSD 332)
6. Dance Little Sister (Extended Mix) (USMasters)
7. Criss-Cross Man - (AGNTTW GHSoup)
8. Dead Flowers (Acoustic Ver- Sotheby Reel)
9. Stop Breaking Down (Best of Exile Sessions)
10. Dear Doctor (Unplugged-IU)
11. Memo From Turner I (ORSessions-IU)
12. Family (Trident)
13. Fiji Jim (Accidents)
14. Do You Think I Really Care aka Yellow Cab (Accidents)
15. Drift Away (AGNTTW GHSoup)
16. Downtown Suzie [take II] (Black Box CD2)
17. Travelling Man (IORnR--IU)
18. You Got The Silver (Unplugged-IU)
19. Living In The Heart Of Love (IORnR-IU)
20. I Ain't Lying (Best of Exile Sessions)
21. I Don't Know Why (Itchy Fingers-IU)
22. Sister Morphine (Unplugged-IU)
23. Get A Line On You (Sotheby Reel)
24. All Down The Line II (Itchy Fingers-IU)
25. Brown Sugar (1969 Shot Of Salvation)
26. Let The Good Times Roll (Necrophilia)
27. Child Of The Moon (Session Impossible MUCD 027)
28. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Unplugged-IU)
29. Wild Horses (Unplugged-IU)
30. Too Many Cooks (1973 MJ Single--Shot Of Salvation)
31. Pay Your Dues (Early SFMan) (Necrophilia)
32. Memo From Turner II (ORSessions-IU)
33. Parachute Woman (Alternate Mix) (USMasters)
34. Family (Retake) (Trident)
35. All Down The Down (Acoustic) (MYTPHOuttakes)
36. Stuck Out All Alone (aka Give Me A Hamburger) (Trident)
37. Everything's Turning To Gold (COTHSBurlesque)
38. Sweet Virginia (USMasters)
39. Cocksucker Blues II (Cocksucker Blues)
40. If You Can't Rock Me (USMasters)
41. Brown Sugar (w Eric Clapton 1969) (Itchy Fingers-IU)
42. I Don't Know The Reason Why (Itchy Fingers-IU)
43. Sympathy For The Devil (COTHSBurlesque)