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Cure, The
"Greatest Demos"
Close To Me (aka A2-Chirpy DMC) (Studio Demo)
Cut Here (aka B46 v.3) (Home Demo)
Friday I'm In Love (Live In London 5/92)
High (aka Anniversary) (Home Demo)
Inbetween Days (aka B2-Are You Taping?) (Studio Demo)
Just Like Heaven (aka Shivers) (Home Demo)
Just Say Yes (Bloodflowers Version)
Let's Go To Bed (aka Temptation) (Studio Demo)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)
Lovesong (aka S2) (Home Demo)
Lullaby (aka RS3 Arched) (Home Demo)
Meathook (Studio Demo) - Easy Cure
Mint Car (Home Demo)
Pictures Of You (aka XP) Home Demo)
Pillbox Tales (Studio Demo) - Easy Cure
Pirate Ships (Wendy Waldman Cover)
See The Children (Studio Demo) - Easy Cure
The Caterpillar (Live 'N' Drunk In The UK '84)
Why Can't I Be You? (aka Stolen Robin #1) (Studio Demo)
Wrong Number (aka A Thought) (Home Demo)