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Rolling Stones, The
"More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be: Anthology 1963-1971 3CDs"
1. Baby What's Wrong (Unreleased-Mono)
2. Bright Lights, Big City (Unreleased-Mono)
3. Road Runner (Unreleased-Mono)
4. Diddley Daddy (Unreleased-Mono)
5. I Want to be Loved (Unreleased Alternate Version-Mono)
6. Come On (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
7. Memphis, Tennessee (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
8. Roll Over Beethoven (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
9. There are But Five Rolling Stones (Unavailable-Mono)
10. Not Fade Away (Unreleased Alternate Version-Mono)
11. Andrew's Blues (Unreleased-Mono)
12. And Mr. Spector and Mr. Pitney Too (Unreleased-Mono)
13. As Times Goes By (Unreleased Alternate Version-Mono)
14. Route 66 (Unreleased BBC)
15. Cops and Robbers (Unreleased BBC)
16. You Better Move On (Unreleased BBC)
17. Mona (Unreleased BBC)
18. Stewed and Keeped (Unreleased)
19. Tell Me Baby (Unavailable)
20. High-Heel Sneakers (Unreleased)
21. Down in the Bottom (Unreleased)
22. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Unreleased BBC)
23. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Unreleased Stereo Long Version)
24. Blue Turns to Grey (Unreleased Alternate Version-Mono)
25. Da Roo Ron Ron (Unavailable-Mono)
26. Hear It? (Unreleased-Mono)
27. The Last Time (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
28. Play with Fire (Unavailable Stereo Version)
29. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Unavailable Wide Stereo Version)
30. Mercy, Mercy (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
31. The Spider and the Fly (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
32. Fannie Mae (Unreleased BBC-Mono)
33. Get Off My Cloud (Unavailable Stereo Version)
34. Looking Tired (Unreleased)
35. 19th Nervous Breakdown (Unreleased Stereo Alternate Version)
36. Paint it Black (Unreleased Instrumental Backing Track-Edit-Mono)
37. Con Le Mie Lacrime (Unavailable Italian Version-Mono)
38. Have Your Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows? (Unreleased Alternate Version-Mono)
39. Ruby Tuesday (Unreleased Backing Track)
40. Yesterday's Papers (Unreleased Backing Track)
41. Get Yourself Together (Unreleased-Mono)
42. Title 15 (Unreleased-Edit)
43. Blues 3 (Unreleased-Edit)
44. Gold Painted Fingernails (Unreleased-Edit)
45. 2,000 Light Years from Home (Unreleased Early Backing Track)
46. Citadel (Unreleased Backing Track-Edit)
47. 5 Part Jam (Part 1) (Unreleased)
48. Hamburger to Go (Unreleased)
49. Still A Fool (Unrelease-Edit)
50. Blood Red Wine (Unreleased)
51. (I'm A) Highway Child (Unreleased)
52. No Expectations (Unreleased Alternate Version-Edit)
53. Sister Morphine (Unreleased Alternate Version)
54. Honky Tonk Women (Unreleased Alternate Version)
55. You Got the Silver (Unreleased Alternate Version)
56. Jiving Sister Fanny (Unreleased Alternate Version)
57. I Was Just A Country Boy (Unreleased-Edit)
58. Downtown Suzie (Unavailable Stereo Version)
59. Wild Horses (Unreleased Alternate Version)
60. Brown Sugar (Unreleased Alternate Clapton Version)
61. Cocksucker Blues (Unreleased)
62. Leather Jacket (Unreleased)
63. Who Am I? (Unreleased)
64. Good Time Women (Unreleased Alternate Version)
65. Shake You Hips (Unreleased Stereo Alternate Version)
66. Aladdin Story (Unreleased)
67. Travelin' Man (Unreleased)
68. Potted Shrimp (Unreleased)
69. Sweet Black Angel (Unreleased Backing Track)
70. Let it Rock (Unavailable-Live)